Group monitoring system


We will
Rook you

Together we will upgrade the fitness industry.

Your fitness center will improve the user experience, through: heart rate; exercise intensity and calorie burning measurement in real time.

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Good Design
Good Design
Step 1


We will visit your fitness center and install a decoder to monitor a 1 hour class, this way you will enjoy the RookMotion experience in your center.

  • Rookmotion activation
  • Photoshooting
  • Ambassadors and fitness athletes
  • RM experience
Step 2

Custom plan

We create a personalized plan adapted to your fitness center considering: spaces, customer profile, number of users and the type of classes.

  • Planning
  • Proposal
  • Certification
  • Schedule installation
Step 3

RookMotion center

Congratulations, your center now has the technology that allows you to monitor your fitness classes.

  • Atmosphere
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • We Rook You!
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"Our mission is to create a healthy lifestyle through technology”

"RookMotion helps every training session to be​ focussed through heart rate monitoring"

Caleb Cruz
PHY Luis Alberto Gallardo​
Head of medical group at Chivas FC​

“Our trainees have incredible results since RookMotion arrived, they are motivated because they compete between them and every day they watch their improvement”

Nathaniel Garner
Jessica Sanchez
Rebound franchise owner

"RookMotion, the best choice in heart rate monitors for group classes."

Nathaniel Garner
Tomas Weimar
International Fitness Speaker
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